Deep insight into ageing processes

Our products are based on extensive knowledge of inner biological processes in the skin cells and broad in vivo testing. The main pillar of our approach is the priority interest we take in visible signs of ageing. Therefore, we have defined nine basic categories. Hyaluronic acid has been our key active since the beginning being complemented with our uniquely designed peptides and other compounds.

Top level of technical support

Targeting wide spectrum of anti-ageing effects in the skin is possible due to our capacity to study all signs of skin ageing with the very latest instrumentation. After applying our active ingredients, we quantify changes in the monitored parameters and objectively evaluate the efficacy of our products. Our specialists can thus find the ideal solution for your projects so feel free to ask for our support.


We respect the basic paradigm describing skin ageing as a highly complex process. We have an easy-to-understand system classifying effects of our products into nine interlinked categories of four sources. Green tones identify hyaluronan-based actives, orange tones peptides, blue tones natural polysaccharides and purple tones identify extracts and others. Just pick which effects are important for you and get actives, which suit your needs.

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