Emphasis on research

The key feature distinguishing Contipro from its rivals is its emphasis on research and development. The return is not just the support of our researchers.

We offer more

We offer sophisticated applications based on our numerous patents (PCT, EP, VYN), industrial designs and scientific publications.

Blazing a trail

With innovations to existing manufacturing and professional services for our partners, we are continually trying to blaze a trail of further development in the industry as a whole.

We focus on six scientific fields







We are involved in international research projects

The main objective of the European project IMMODGEL is to avoid the immune reactions following implant surgery. The hyaluronan-based scaffolds are designed by means of a non-cytotoxic reaction that ensures cell viability, allowing the incorporation of macrophages into the system.

The DRIVE consortium aims to establish a translational research program to develop advanced multimodal therapies and smart biomaterials for islet transplantation to treat diabetes mellitus.

The AMCARE program will carry out research to develop natural materials and new surgical devices to enhance the delivery of the body's own stem cells to the heart to promote healing after a heart attack (myocardial infarction) and prevent premature death.
The NEURIMP project develops novel combination of biopolymers and manufacturing technologies for production of a peripheral nerve implant containing an intraluminal microstructure based on an array of aligned channels or fibers.

Step-up your career and education

Uncover the future of biotechnologies with Contipro Institute

We offer interships in our own highly equipped R&D centre. All interships are suitable for natural science university students for longer than one month attendance colaboration.

We offer both paid and unpaid interships and also support for diploma thesis groundwork and peer review publication. Contipro Institute also holds a series of in-house seminars with leading science figures from Central Europe.

Push your career further with love for science

Are you the one who cares a lot about doing something reasonable and important? Come to Czechia, visit our areal in beautiful countryside of Eagle Mountains and decide what the things that really matter in a life are. We will give a complete support to you and your family.


Take advantage of our Product Incubator

Develop with us

We can help you to finalize the development, the registration and the marketing of your inovative pharmaceutical or cosmetic products. We also offer our biotechnological manufacturing lines for the licensed production.

Premium for partners

The industry leaders are constantly seeking out our specialists support and we offer the same care to you! Bring your new inovative concepts to our labs and offices and take advantage of our extensive experience.

Who is the Incubator for?

The inventors, the universities, the scientific start-ups or small companies are especially welcomed. We are boosting their pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cosmetic products or active ingredients.

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