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Premium product manufacturing is crucial for a company that prefers quality and safety of all its ingredients


Geloren is a popular chondroprotective product designed for prevention of musculoskeletal problems. Main active substances are hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulphate. Geloren is produced in two versions - for dogs and for other animals such as horses. Geloren has its unique form of jelly bits offering easier dosage.


Bonharen is designed for use in the management of musculoskeletal diseases and for ophthalmic applications. The pharmaceutical grade of hyaluronic acid of defined molecular weight and content in one dose can be applied intravenously or in case of stronger problems intra-articularly.


Anigran gel is used for care of acute or old non-healing wounds in all animal species. It hydrates wounds, creates suitable healing conditions and prevents adhesion of the dressing to the wound. It is used to cover and hydrate bruised wounds, lacerations, large abrasions, bites, chronic non-healing wounds, deep wounds and skin defects.


Dentaren is a transparent gel designed for wound healing in muzzle of animals, esp. of dogs and cats, made from hyaluronic acid and octenidine. Dentaren has no taste, so animals has no intention to remove gel coating from the wound.

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