Hyaluronan Forms and Specialities

We can produce various derivatives and also forms of Hyaluronan. Discover the wide range of possibilities, which are able to meet even your most special demands.

Discover New Forms of Hyaluronan


Hydrogels based on hyaluronan derivatives suitable for crosslinking


Consisting of native hyaluronan and its water soluble or insoluble derivatives


Solubility of hyaluronan microfibers can vary from seconds up to several weeks

Polymeric Micelles

Prepared from hydrophobized (acylated) derivatives of hyaluronan


Our hydrogels are based on hyaluronan derivatives capable of cross-linking made possible to by non-cytotoxic reaction which enables homogenous incorporation of cells and also in situ gel forming. After the process, material is insoluble in water. Selection of derivatives leads to desired mechanical properties.

Hydrogels can serve as scaffolds, material for augmentation of soft tissue or for viscosupplementation.

It is possible to incorporate cells, fibres, micro or nanoparticles, or active chemical/biological substances into their structure.

Hyaluronan hydrogels and their degradation products are fully biocompatible and biodegradable. 

Chemical properties


60 - 1000 kDa

Degree of substitution

1 - 5%

Hyaluronan concentration

0,5 - 10%



Regenerative medicine


Post-surgical adhesion

Reservoir drug release

Physical properties


0,5 - 20 kPa


up to 40 000 J/m3

Viscoelastic properties

10 Pa - 5000 Pa


Nanofibers made of hyaluronan, its derivatives or composite fibers could be produced via electrospinning by our unique 4SPIN® technology.

It allows forming nanofibers of different structures, voluminous and flat layers of different area weights or perfectly oriented nanofibers.

Applications of nanofiber materials could be e.g. wounds dressings, drug delivery carriers and scaffolds for tissue engineering.

Furthermore, nanofibers can be combined with other forms of materials like our very own microfibers.

Chemical properties


15 - 150 kDa

Degree of substitution

5 - 60%


Wound dressings


Drug release

Serum for cosmetics


Physical properties


50 - 1200 nm


5 - 200 g/m2


Hyaluronan based fibers have a form of endless continual monofilaments, which can be prepared from various biodegradable derivatives of hyaluronan, differing in the rate of water solubility, resorption time in a body and other biological/physical properties.

Mechanical properties of fibers allow manufacturing by textile technology.
Characteristics of a thread could be altered by combination of differ-material monofilaments.

Knitted fabrics can be produced in various constructions, grammage and size. Braided tubes or threads can be made from different number of monofilaments.
The fibers or textiles can be further modified by active agents.

Chemical properties


100 - 700 kDa

Degree of substitution

0 - 60%

Yarns and Textiles

3 - 10 fibers in a yarn

Warp knitted textiles

Weft knitted textiles

Braided textiles

Physical properties


50 - 150 µm


0,06 - 0,08 N/tex

Polymeric Micelles

Self-assembling in aqueous solutions into core-shell structures, which enables non-covalent encapsulation of poorly water soluble drugs.

Mainly because of its biodegradability, biocompatibility and safety, hyaluronan offers a number of advantages over synthetic polymers in both nonparenteral and parenteral administration routes. Furthermore, hyaluronan in the shell of polymeric micelle can be used as targeting molecule to cells or tissues overexpressing hyaluronan-binding receptors, including pathological tissues rich in CD44 receptor.

Polymeric micelles were also found to be very useful in dermatological treatments for their ability to overcome stratum corneum barrier and deliver the hydrophobic drug into deeper skin layers.

Chemical properties


10 - 20 kDa

Degree of substitution

5 - 70%

Length of acyl chain

C6 - C18



Enhancing penetration of encapsulated compounds into skin, hair and nails.


Hyaluronan shell may serve as targeting molecule for tumor cells with overexpressed CD44 receptor.


In dispersed form

Micelle size

20 - 100 nm

Micelle shape

spherical particles

Order Hyaluronan Speciality Chemicals

The most demanded materials

We offer hyaluronan based substances for industrial and R&D purposes, e.g. hyaluronan of different grades and different molecular weights, or hyaluronan oligosaccharides and derivatives.

The materialized demands

Everybody has its own vision which brings specific needs. We are pleased to meet them by manufacturing tailor-made products for your own purposes.

ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Sodium anhydroformyl hyaluronate50–200 kDa100 mg€ 160
Sodium azidyl hyaluronate300–600 kDa1 g€ 380
Sodium butanoyl formyl hyaluronate20–200 kDa1 g€ 530
Sodium caproyl hyaluronate10–200 kDa1 g€ 180
Sodium caproyl formyl hyaluronate50–200 kDa1 g€ 260
Sodium formyl hyaluronate50–100 kDa1 g€ 200
Sodium formyl hyaluronate300–500 kDa1 g€ 230
Sodium formyl hyaluronate650-950 kDa1 g€ 230
Sodium fluoresceinylamino hyaluronate50–200 kDa100 mg€ 235
Sodium heptanoyl formyl hyaluronate20–200 kDa1 g€ 520
Sodium linolenoyl hyaluronate10–30 kDa1 g€ 320
Sodium octanoyl formyl hyaluronate20–200 kDa1 g€ 540
Sodium oleyl hyaluronate5–20 kDa1 g€ 105
Sodium palmitoyl hyaluronate10–200 kDa1 g€ 370
Sodium palmitoyl hyaluronate200–300 kDa1 g€ 370
Sodium palmitoyl formyl hyaluronate20–200 kDa1 g€ 545
Sodium propinylamino hyaluronate300–600 kDa1 g€ 365
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Sodium-calcium hyaluronate90–120 kDa1 g€ 420
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA4AN10 mg€ 390
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA6AN10 mg€ 450
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA8AN10 mg€ 530
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA10AN10 mg€ 590
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA12AN10 mg€ 620
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA14AN10 mg€ 630
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA16AN10 mg€ 660
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA18AN10 mg€ 710
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA3AA10 mg€ 505
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA5AA10 mg€ 505
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA7AA10 mg€ 505
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA9AA10 mg€ 505
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA11AA10 mg€ 505
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA3NN10 mg€ 780
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA5NN10 mg€ 585
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA7NN10 mg€ 585
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA9NN10 mg€ 585
Hyaluronan oligosaccharideHA11NN10 mg€ 585
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD5–20 kDa100 mg€ 1520
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD20–30 kDa100 mg€ 1520
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD30–40 kDa100 mg€ 1520
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD40–60 kDa100 mg€ 1750
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD60–80 kDa100 mg€ 1750
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD80–100 kDa100 mg€ 1750
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD100–120kDa50 mg€ 1520
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD120–140kDa50 mg€ 1520
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD140–160kDa50 mg€ 1750
Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD160–350Da50 mg€ 1750
SET - Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD 5–100 kDa220 mg€ 1950
SET - Sodium hyaluronate with NMMD100–350 kDa65 mg€ 1980
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory8–15 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory15–30 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory30–50 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory50–90 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory90–130 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory300–500 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory500–750 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory750–1000 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory1000–1250 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory1250–1500 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory1500–1750 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory1750–2000 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory2000–2200 kDa1 g€ 145
Sodium hyaluronate - laboratory2200–2400 kDa1 g€ 145
ProductMolecular weightQuantityPrice fromEnter quantity
Sodium hyaluronate - technical8–15 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical15–30 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical30–50 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical50–90 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical90–130 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical300–500 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical500–750 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical750–1000 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical1000–1250 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical1250–1500 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical1500–1750 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical1750–2000 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical2000–2200 kDa1 g€ 40
Sodium hyaluronate - technical2200–2400 kDa1 g€ 40

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